The Curvy concept makes curves fashionable for this Christmas.

Christmas comes another year and with it, the parties and their corresponding outfits gala. The bull returns to catch us with the same theme and, besides, and olé por nosotras, there has not been time for diets (that’s already for the summer). So what to wear? Do we cover or teach? Curvy fashion, with its curves, comes to the rescue.

We all want to find the outfit that will turn us into the sensation of the different parties that we will “face” with these important dates. If you are still in time to avoid the repetition of last year, you have a great variety of possibilities to be up to date these days. The dress is always the king of the Christmas holidays in these parts where the cold rages in December.

For this year the sequins are worn throughout the body; from top to bottom. But for the most daring, the miniskirts have been viralized in the networks in such a way that it is an option as valid as that of the long dress. Many influencers have been responsible for this being so. Fabrics not very seen other years like leather or velvet are also being considered for the Christmas of 2018 and have perfect reception, why not ?. And the colors? The usual silver and black add this year the burgundy, the emerald and, thanks to Zara’s famous “orange” miniskirt, the orange is in fashion this year.

All this together with the curvy movement gives us the keys to triumph this Christmas with no taboos. So you know, be encouraged and enjoy the holidays, which, after all, is what it is.

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