The spanish brand expansion, UNO de 50, continues  throughout the world.

103 stores is the brand that has been imposed by the Madrid firm UNO of 50 to end the year. 103 stores worldwide is not just any number. 103 stores, in addition to the many outlets that it already has throughout the world, is a pass!

This international expansion does not obey any chimera. The results in Spain and in the different international outlets of the fashion firm are good, very good, and all the arrows point directly to that, outside.

Its presence in countries like China or Russia did not go beyond operating with local partners. But it is time to aim higher, and the Spanish brand expects three openings in Russia and another five in Asia. And all while finalizing its entry into Asian luxury through the SECCO platform.

In Latin America, they are already present in Argentina, Puerto Rico and Panama. Now is the turn for Mexico. From the hand of El Palacio del Hierro, the Spanish firm has 6 openings planned to settle in the Aztec country permanently. The idea is to be present in most of the shopping centers of the Mexican giant.

In U.S.A. Macy’s is the new bet. The North American department stores will have the presence of ONE of 50 before the end of this year 2019. The bet is clear, finish taking hold in the American market, one of its main business niches.

The expansion plan passed (and passes) to increase its presence in the United Kingdom. The latest political events have not changed the route. The Brexit, no matter what happens, will not be an obstacle for ONE of 50 and will expand its points of sale, which are already 140. The road in the Islands will be crossed hand in hand with the Fenwick department stores; A safe bet.

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