The guideshop stores are here and they seem to stay.

A priori, the concept guideshop, can sound like a Chinese, at least. But for lovers of fashion and its trends, it is already a known word. In fact, not only digital brands are going to bet a lot on this shopping option, but big companies like Zara announce their intention to enter fully into the “invention”.

Since digital platforms became a reality to buy with guarantees, we had the social dichotomy between those who defend the old-fashioned shopping and those who prefer to save queues in locker rooms and boxes. And it is that there are those who prefer to get together with friends and spend the afternoon in a shopping center trying on clothes, and there are those who detest the agglomeration and waiting. But these two types of buyers recognize that they mix both ways of buying; maybe that’s why the guideshopping arrived!

The first to jump into the pool have been the innovators of Laagam, how could it be otherwise. Malasaña will be, then, the first neighborhood to have this new shopping system that, we are sure, will have to talk. It will be a matter of time to know if the users are happy or not, and if the guideshop stores will really be a reality or they will be in one more attempt.

The process can not be simpler; go to the “store” where all the references of the brand will be in each size. Then, on the screen you choose and buy the product and make it reach you wherever you want, whether it’s your house, your cousin’s or your neighbor’s. It seems comfortable! We are looking forward, at least, to try it.

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