The latest from Vivienne Westwood. 6 activists reinterpret Vivienne Westwood’s latest collection.

The English artist has done it again. Although we are used to surprises in everything that refers to the great designer, we continue to surprise us like the first time. And Vivienne Westwood lives in a state of grace. Now there are 6 activists who reinterpret their work with an exquisite result.

The artists Emma Breschi, Jesus Diaz, Joe Sweeney, Orla Carolin, Johan Zoo and Josh Quinton have been chosen to engage in the latest occurrence of the artist new age. Each of them has given his personal vision of the latest creations of Westwood getting a new success for the artist.

The kiss of the artist of Filipino origin, Emma Breschi comforts us in these convulsive times. The pop influence of Jesús Díaz, taken to the field of punk on this occasion, fuels the rebellion in the streets of London. Weeney, meanwhile, puts us squarely in the consumerist reflection through video of no more than a minute. Also in that line of “anti-consumption” moves Orla Carolin, with his modern partner who invites to buy less but better. Johan Zoo, however, opts for the theme of the environment with the creation of a funny and colorful fanzine that urges us to reduce the consumption of plastic. And Josh Quinton, finally, plunges into more rocky terrain highlighting mental illnesses such as depression or eating disorders.

In short, a first level cast for a project of height. The British has done it again, for something is one of the artists that generates more news in recent times. Of course he deserves all the recognition for his creativity and great ideas.

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