In September, the New York catwalk goes from 8 to 5 days.

Although it is not yet final, the New York catwalk will be reduced, this coming September, the 8 days accustomed to 5. This is what the Cfda (Council of fashion designers of America) has shown through its president, Tom Ford , who has said that with the measure, they intend to energize the catwalk.

The measure has been taking place for years within the Cfda; It does not surprise us, it’s true. But finally, it seems that it will be completed next September if the council of the group gave final approval in the coming days. If so, the “week” of fashion would begin on the 6th of the month and end on the 11th.

It seems that with this strategy will win in concetranción on the part of the buyers that, to be less days, will center their activity in the event and will reduce costs. Some people do not see it that way and regrets the consequences that will result from the measure:

Less days = less designers = less fashion. This is the simple equation formulated by some, and they do not lack reason. The departure of designers from New York fashion week is more than evident and for some it has not been pleasant.

We understand all the positions, but the truth is that different studies carried out by the Cfda itself showed different results regarding the vision that the Show had professionals and amateurs. That he needed a reform is the main conclusion that was drawn from the researches. Whether or not this is the ideal measure, we do not know, but it is certainly a substantial change.

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