After 17 years of collaboration, the Italian firm loses its creative director, Tomas Maier.

The Italian luxury brand, Bottega Veneta, loses designer Tomas Maier, after 17 years as creative director. The company itself has been commissioned to announce the departure of the German couturier who, they recognized, was the architect of bringing the brand to the status of luxury that it now boasts.

To highlight were the words of the president of the Kering group, François-Henri Pinault, in the statement itself praising the figure of his former creative director. In them he gratefully thanked Maier’s work during these years in which he managed, in some way, to refound the signature and place it in the place where he should never go down in the 80s / 90s. Pinault praised the couturier’s ability to show off the firm’s artisans.

It was in 2001 when the firm passed into the hands of the Kering group, who put Maier in the creative direction. After its initial boom in the 60s and its decline at the end of the century, the acquisition of the giant Kering, along with the work of the German returned Bottega Veneta to the Olympus of fashion. We do not lie then, if we say that the signature, as we conceive it today, is what it is, thanks to the work of Tomas Maier.

In any case, and although the reasons for its departure have not yet been given, we are saddened by this decision which, in any case, will give way to the consequent rumor mill about who will be its substitute, something that is also very popular in the sector and enjoy with rejoicing

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