After the setbacks in Australia and New Zealand, the British chain leaves the country after the closure of its four points of sale in our country.

The losses of last year 2016 have been the trigger for the departure of Spain from the English firm. The small profits of the previous year are insufficient for the continuity of this brand that, although it has been present in our country since 1999, never connected with the Spanish consumer.

According to regular reports throughout his peninsular career, the firm was considered by the users as low-end. Together this, paradoxically, at a price higher than that of its competitors, Inditex for example, the company has been forced to abandon its intentions to take hold in our country through the back door; with bankruptcy of its local partner Glasak after the announcement of its withdrawal.

What is certain is that the Spanish failure does not respond, as is the case in Australia or New Zealand, to the incorrect selection of a product that is not adaptable to local markets in another region. Given the proximity of both nations, in this case, and the Europeanization of markets, the failure of TOPSHOP is not based on these terms. With what gains the conjecture of the price.

The new management team, with Paul Price at the head, will decide in the future if the firm will try again a new incursion into the Spanish market. What is certain is that the ex former Burberry executive, along with his new creative director David Hagglund, will be talking in the coming months.

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