Training and Courses In-Company

You Are Unicorn performed in-company courses designed to develop the skills necessary in retail management, normally aimed to professionals who lead a business area, an account of results and a team. The courses has three common features:

– Competence development.

– Experiential Methodology.

– Activities and cases of retail.

We make and deliver unique programs, tailored to the needs of each of our clients, as a result of our experience, for this we have a team that highly qualified and specialized in different areas.

Life is movement and in the laboral life that movement is much more frenetic. The changes in the world of fashion in particular occur every time in less space of time so that the companies in the sector are forced to continuously updated and offer its employees with a continuous training to maintain the competitive power in the market.

As trainers, in You Are Unicorn we have the solution so that our customers will not have to worry about running out of date on the latest trends and technologies and could continue to provide a quality of service.

In You are Unicorn, we have the key that our companies should always remain at the forefront of the demands of the environment in a market that changes each time more quicklyand that if they do not evolve and adapt to the latest trends it runs the risk of disappearing among its competitors.

The impotance of investment in training of its professionals will allow the companies to make sure that your team will be able to face the new challenge successfully.

Development of people

You Are UnicornDevelopment of people working different tools focused on achieving the maximum performance of the team, through the generation of commitment and trust, which will be reflected in a significant increase in the number of sale.


– Identify which is my natural tendency when I lead.

– Lead in the service of talent.

– To know the barriers that prevent me from being a good leader.

– Identify the partners to develop their talent.

– Work tool for motivating, cohere and develop the team (trust, delegation, feedback, and recognition, utility….)

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You Are UnicornCommunication considers that is the differentiating element of our “personal brand,” and is vital in our professional development. Its impact is the key, because it determines the way in which we can influence and impact on the others.


– Listen and ask how leadership skills coach.

– To effectively manage the emotional status.

– Training in assertiveness.

– Keep difficult conversations with the team.

– To comply with the rules of the game from the involvement.

– Resolve conflicts.

You Are Unicorn – Leadership offers new avenues for development to prepare their current and future leaders, in order to be able to cope with the demands of a responsible leadership and expert of the business strategy.


– Identify a style of successful leadership.

– Know the auto- objections and beliefs that they limit.

– Train conversations 360°.

– To motivate, to unite, and develop our teams having as their aim the corporate strategy.

– Work tools in pursuit of common goals, trust, delegation, feedback, recognition, and usefulness, among others.

Clients Area

You Are UnicornSales Promotion form teams of Internal Trainers/ Store Managers/ Area Managers, using tools to generate in the teams more proactive towards the customers, reinforcing the selling techniques.


– To strengthen the sense of belongings to the brand.

– Generate a proactive attitude toward the customer of our teams.

– To consolidate best practices.

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You Are UnicornAttention to the client know the key of success to host national and international customer in the shop. How to adapt on all and each one of the phases from the sales process, facilitate the closure of the operation and focus effectively the cross-selling.


– Identify and understand the different cultures of the international customer.

– To be able to offer a customer individually according to the needs of each nationality.

– Increase sales opportunities for each type of client.

You Are UnicornProduct knows that the client know more about the product and they even know more about the competition than us. We are sellers in the specific product that offers the brand ( cosmetics, textile, accessories….) to gain confidence and trust in the process of the sale, adding everything that brings the customer.


– Deepening in the knowledge of the product we generate greater confidence of the seller in the process of the sale.

– To equip the participants with arguments of solid and convincing sales.

Management Area

You Are UnicornIndicators of success know how to get the most talent from the team and put the figures of the business at your service. In You are Unicorn we have created a continuous training in which we differentiate several modules, in the KPIs and the complexity of your management will vary according to the strategic component to be given.


– Practical course that aims to train store management teams in the proper management of indicators, so that they can optimize the profitability of the point of sale analyzing and implementing solutions to daily management.

– Shop directors and area managers will be able to know the fundamental KPIs in your business and put in place improvement actions that will enable an increase in sales and optimum cost.

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You Are UnicornStock management and part of the importance and impact on results for the business of the difference of stock, we work how to minimize their impact on the account of exploitation through the commitment and the training of sales team, and the knowledge and management of the variables that may affect.


– Understand the importance and the impact on results for the business of the difference on stock.

– Be able to define the main sources of differences in stock.

– Know practical initiatives, easily deployable and with proven results to improve the figures of differences of current stock in the chain.

– Develop a work plan based on the commitment of the team for the improvement of results in reduction.

– Understand the systematic approach of an organization and the relationship that can exist between variables such as – among others – the rotation of staff,the implementation of trade or the management of warehouse in a decrease in difference of stocks in the business.

Product Area

You Are UnicornVisual Merchandising is able to provide the retail teams of the key tools to achieve greater optimization of the implementation of the visual merchandising that have a possitive impact on the number of sale. This adapting to the strategy, the client, physical space and the analysis of the trade indicators.


– The impact of the image for sale.

– How to join the strategy of VM to the essence of the brand.

– Strengthen the basic principles of the visual merchandising.

– How to track the addresses as brand element.

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You Are UnicornCoolhunting identifies trends in fashion that is reflected in the walkways, in the street, but also in culture and the arts, with all his movements and international flows.


– Analysis of the current and future consumer.

– Analysis of present and future trends in fashion (gateway, street style, fabrics…)

– Analysis and definition of blogs, tumblrs, and web of fashion adapted to our client objectives. Bloggers of reference in the national and international level.

– Analysis of “it people” and gurus in the world of fashion.

– Study and research of shops, fairs and magazines online and offline related.

– Analysis of trends in other areas ( culture, art, lifestyle, music) which directly influence the fashion.

Mindfulness Area

You Are UnicornMindfulness, we develop and train our ability to be fully present, tobe able to solve the challenges that we face in the 21st century, to improve our capacity for analysis and understanding to deal with the difficulty and the speed that the market demands.

There are many institutions that use mindfulness in the training of their workers and in the business plan ( Ford, Intel, Google, Ebay, Twitter, Trivago, Opel, Balay, Ikea, business schools like IESE y ESADE…) These companies have seen the benefits that its implementation has in all the team.

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These are the main advantages of mindfulness for workers and employers: 

– Increase the capacity of concentration and memory.

– To maintain the balance and the sustained mental focus in challenging environments.

– Access to the higher level of calm and stability.

– Allow for greater clarity in the decision making and greater creativity in conflict resolution.

– Increase the quality of the interpersonal relations and the management of emotions.

– Decrease the laboral stress, as well as increasing the capacity to handle and manage stressful situations.

– Decrease work-related illnesses.

– Create and sustain healthy work habits.

And all of these enables the company to:

– Increase the commitment and involvement of employees in the company project.

– Increase the job satisfaction of workers.

– Minimize absenteeism.

– Improve communication in the company.

– Improve the work environment.

– Increase the work performance.

– Create work teams happier, more committed, more creative, and more productive.

– Create leaders with high levels of attention and with a very high degree of social commitment.

 Leaders like Richard Brandson, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Marc Benioff o Steve Jobs, among others, have been and are meditators and promoters of the movement mindfulness.

“The way to start is to stop talking and start acting”


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