The vision of the maison in the video tribute of Coppola to Chanel.

Last October the Chanel house inaugurated the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition in Tokyo. This is the fifth of this kind that the French firm performs in the last five years. Looking for viewers to go a little deeper into the creative processes of maison. And the occasion has motivated a video tribute from Coppola to Chanel.

In these exhibitions, the Parisian firm takes a tour of haute couture, its line of jewelry and perfumes. With the free entry, the firm wants everyone to know more about one of the most important fashion houses in the history of fashion.

The artistic director of Chanel, Virginie Viard, met with the American artist just a few months ago, and from that meeting, the idea of ​​this tribute video emerged. Based on images, videos and mythical ads of the firm, Sofía Coppola has produced an exquisite document where you can see an absolutely current look of the firm.

Lagerfeld’s successor at the head of the maison has begun strongly in her mission of “forgetting” the German portent who left us just a few months ago. Of course it will cost a lot for fashionistas to forget their figure, but Chanel has to continue and Viard’s option, designated by the designer himself, seems like a good start.

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