The success of 2017 renews the collaboration between the Japanese firm and the British designer.

The English designer confirms that he will once again put his talent at the service of the Japanese retailer, Uniqlo, by 2018. This time, it is a spring / summer collection of articles for both women and men. Anderson, already warns, will be based on the last campaign of 2017, where his characteristic style made clear the intentions of the great couturier.

The good relationship between Uniqlo and Anderson is clear with this new agreement. The modito manifested its illusion to repeat with the brand, given the success of its past collection, in which its style and the classic British carater merged into the collection.

For his new collection, he says, he will focus on relating the articles; in creating layers and combining them, and mixing them for the enjoyment of its users. “It was very exciting the first time I worked for Uniqlo and I am very proud of the results,” said the couturier, who hopes that this reissue will bring much back to both parties.

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