The first Vegan Fashion Week opens in Los Angeles.

Last September the city of Los Angeles approved a law that prohibits the sale of skins after 2020. 
Next week, the Californian city will host the first edition of Vegan Fashion Week. Perhaps it is not 
one of the fashion capitals, but it is postulated as the standard bearer of this new "industry" 
within the Industry.

Vegan Fashion Week is a historical event that we can enjoy from February 1 to 4 at the Museum of Natural 
History in the aforementioned American city. Its founder, the activist for animal rights, Emmanuelle 
Rienda, intends to open a serious and formal dialogue for the fashion industry to respect firmly three 
key points; respect for human life, the rights of animals, and the environment.

Although it is not the first approach of the industry towards ethical and sustainable fashion, it is, 
without a doubt, an unprecedented milestone that, we are sure, will impress on the passionate fans of 
fashion; whether they are related to the animal cause or not. Of course, it means an opportunity for all 
those people who seek to feel morally more comfortable with the clothes they wear, but do not want to 
give up the glamor of haute couture.

Apart from the parades with the latest in animal-free clothing, the Vegan Fashion Week will feature 
The Vegan Lounge, where you can taste the latest trends in vegan food and the best beauty treatments, 
also free of exploitation .

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