The big markets of Asia, India and China, save in many occasions the big fashion companies

The Chinese market has always been a reliable market. Despite the economic crisis that has shaken the Asian giant for a long time, its market has saved multiple times, brands such as Vuitton or Prada in the last five years. His contribution to the world of fashion is on the rise and experts predict a fruitful relationship for the future.

No less important is Asia for European and American designers. Although in this case, India has meant more creative motivation. Here is also China, no doubt, but for a long time ago, India is an example of Ives Saint Laurent or Poiret a source of infinite inspiration.

The latter was the pioneer; The first to dress our western women with veils and turbans was, undoubtedly, Ives Sain Laurent who gave greater prominence to the Indian trend. In fact, it has gone to the information of the house. Saris, robes or turbans have been present in many collections of the French firm.

Another great who wanted to absorb Indian culture was recently missing Karl Lagerfeld. However, at present, China is ahead of India as a source of inspiration. It is true that the advantage is still great, but we are sure that the trend now passes through China.

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