The daughter of Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber already has her own name in the world of fashion.

With only 17 years, Kaia Gerber has taken a place in the world of fashion. Many are the “children of” artists who end up writing their own name in the world of art with very large letters; Kaia is one of those presonalities that, why not, end up surpassing his father.

The resemblance to his mother is really amazing, and it is certain that that could have helped at first, but the truth is that Gerber has something special that is catapulting all the catwalks of the world. Some think that it is soon since he is very young, but the highest level couturiers count on her more and more without caring about the fact.

Currently she has become the brand new Ives Saint Lauren makeup ambassador, but there are many firms interested in her and it does not seem that the young woman intends to stop. In fact, Karl Lagarfeld has crossed the path of the catwalk creating a collection with her, starting the American as well as designer.

Of course, a meteoric career. In just three years the young Kaia is touching the Olympus where others barely dream of reaching. We will follow this young woman closely, no longer promise, because we are sure that her roof is still far from being reached. and we are waiting with curiosity who will be the first designer who will put a mole where his mother has him for a parade as a tribute.

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