Why You Are Unicorn

You Are Unicorn You Are Unicorn is a company formed by people and talent; that state is the magic formula to provide solutions to our clients, using our knowledge, experience, innovation, and trust that defines us as a leading consulting firm in our industry.

For us it is very important the quality of our service and the satisfaction. The long-term relationships and even ancient, are part of our nature. Your problems are our problems, and your needs are also our needs.

For all these reasons, working with us is to do it with a partner who wish the best for the future, because we exist, thanks to the success from our clients and our candidates, they are the largest treasures we have.

Employee Vs Unicorn

The unicorns are difficult to catch. In the year 1500, it was believed that only the young maidens could win the confidence of these elusive creatures.

However,You Are Unicorn has been lucky enough to get closer to many magical unicorns….. in the form of “Employees – Unicorns”. Not to be confused with the company of unicorn –startups worth to more than millions of dollars –the Employees- Unicorns” for us, are employees who have a unique set of qualities that make them extremely special and valuable.

Like the real unicorns they are hard to find but once hired, they offer huge benefits in the workplace. The Employees-Unicorn can literally take your business to the next level.

If you are looking a team of unicorn, or with the hope of increasing your own value in the work place, here are the five key qualities of the unicorn employees:


Grow quickly in the position they occupy.


Exceptional employees are able to think strategically.


They are persevering and have a passion for a long- term goals, a crucial factor for success.


Then Employee-Unicorn are environmentally friendly by nature, with ability to respect the individual and lead with humility.


An essential quality of the Unicorn is that they are a great defenders to have fun at work, which is crucial to the success of the business.


The Employee-Unicorn is respectful, multi-talented, tenacious, retailer and a great thinker.

For companies and business leaders, its probably worth putting a little time and additional effort in the pursuit of unicorns. Unlike their counterparts, they are so real and can change your business.

“You dare that we help you with the search of a unicorn employee for your company?”

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