The Spanish firm Zara seeks to ingratiate itself with the woman of today.

In this convulsive time, in which we have to measure each word so as not to offend any group, making decisions that, in reality, should be simple, become especially complicated. While it is true that the world of fashion is one of the most targeted sectors of the feminist ideology, and rightly so, we can today applaud the fashion giant Zara for the acquisition of a model of 45. It is true that , we should not exaggerate our rejoicing over something that should be the norm, but remember that a few months ago the news was the signing of Hanna Motler by the same house, so we have to be happy for this “change”.

What is certain is that in the world of fashion many things are changing, and the beauty canon is one of them. Actually, this canon has not changed so much in recent years, the problem was, perhaps, that what you wanted to sell, for aesthetic taste, did not correspond to reality.

We do not know if more middle-aged women will be added to the model section of the company, or on the contrary they will return for young people in the coming months, but what it seems is that the idea is to have a wide range of possibilities to focus the campaigns in the right people. A new success of the most distinguished group of our country that, without doubt, will be in the limelight again for this, and for every decision they have to take. We will follow you closely, as we have always done.

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