Minimal will be “another” bet of the Spanish group Zara for this summer.

None of us have overlooked the paths that are taking the trends in recent times. Moreover, those of us who like to follow fashion, knew in advance what we were going to “face” this spring and, above all, this summer. Prints left and right, and colors everywhere. To such a point has come the things that look more flowers in the city than in the countryside. And this Zara knows, as is logical.

It’s not that we do not like this drift “happy” and festive; We really love it and we support it at the same time as we enjoy it, but it is also true that there are days when we may want something more sober. There Zara enters, once again, to the rescue. And is that, the Spanish firm has launched, almost in secret, a new line of clothing say, parallel to the trend.

The name chosen by the Galician company is Minimal, something like minimalism in its purest form. There is more to see the collection, which, although it has few pieces at the moment, we know that it will grow in the coming days. It is a collection that some will call austere, since they are unicolor jackets and skirts. We talk about the flagship of this fashion giant: The basics, no less. We know this is to speak about something really important in this company. 

So there is no excuse for that silly day in which you do not want to look festive and like something simple and inconspicuous. The Minimal collection is here already for those days when, maybe, why not? We want to go a little unnoticed in the summer hullabaloo. Of course!.

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